5 Best Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay is an opportunity for you to describe a sequence of events within your personal life. This structure of writing is common in high school classes or as a part of a college application. A narrative essay is non-fictional and the writer has freedom to include plenty of description and imagery. If you are having a hard time deciding on a topic for your narrative essay, consider the following themes.

  • Travel – Throughout your lifetime have you went on a vacation or traveled to a different part of the world? Have you experienced learning about different culture for a short period of time? You can use your traveling experiences to talk about some things you may have learned about a diverse way of living. Were you affected by the cultural confrontations you experienced? Think about important moments from your trip and tie them into the introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion clearly.
  • Conflict – Don't be hesitant toward talking about a painful experience you may have dealt with throughout your life. When you are honest in discussing personal conflict you can build a powerful piece of writing that captivates your readers. Organize your essay by talking about what happened, how it made you feel and whether or not a personal transformation occurred. Reflect on how you are different today due to those conflicts and describe the emotions that you felt openly. This is a great way to lock in your readers and sweep them up within emotions they can relate to due to their own life challenges.
  • Accomplishments – An essay is also an opportunity for you to speak about things you are proud of in your past. Writing about accomplishments is common within a college admissions essay and it gives you the opportunity to discuss a victory that many people wouldn’t have known about if you did not elaborate on it furthermore.
  • Culture and Lifestyle – You can build an impressive piece of writing if you talk about your own culture and how your life may be different than others. This gives you the opportunity to speak about family interactions and how your cultural beliefs make you different from other people who commonly surround you. Feel free to tie all of your life events together in order to build an organized narrative essay. This is a topic that is a bit more difficult to write due to the fact that it pushes you to think critically and understand how your sets of beliefs are different from others. When it is written well it will make your writing stand out and also provide your readers with a unique topic approach.

Posted by July 7th, 2016