Bureaucracy, Democracy and People's Choice

As long as there have been governments, there have been people who are busy complaining about the slow and inefficient manner they do things. This is true of any kind of government, but in the United States we are talking about our democracy. This is the type of government where the majority rules. This means that as long as 51% of the people agree then the other 49% are out of luck. A bureaucracy is the organization that carries out the laws and business of the government. These are the federal, local and state government agencies that attempt to dish out justice, and provide the basic skills that we all need and deserve having in our lives. This is the system that we developed to take care of the needs of the people and to allow for their voice to be heard through the process.

How it all Works

The bureaucracy is generally a group of government agents which are hired by these agencies to run the business of the public well being. These are organizations that are non profit and run on funding by the federal government. To get all of these jobs filled allows a lot of people to get themselves government jobs. This has become a huge part of the economy but it can never be overstated that the people of these bureaucracies work for the people who elect the administrators who run these organizations through the will of the people.

We all Expect a Voice

Living in a democracy we all expect to have a significant voice in the way that things are run. When our rights are not protected then we feel disappointed. Sometimes there are situations that arise and make others feel like they have had their rights stripped away. This occurred in the 2000 presidential campaign. As the votes were contested and the results were becoming clear, the election was in question. However there was clearly bureaucratic red tape that made the election go to George Bush.


In the end there are many people who look at democracy as the best form of government because the will of the people is represented fairly. The democracy takes care of people by using a bureaucracy to run programs and allow for them to care for the people. Now when the people choose to make changes in the programs or the people running them they can do this with the use of an election.

Posted by July 7th, 2016