The Secret of Writing Plagiarism-Free Courseworks

Many students worry about writing courseworks, especially if they need to use other courseworks as samples. The biggest fears come from the possibility of plagiarizing and the resulting consequences. There is a secret to being able to use sample coursework papers and avoiding plagiarizing from those papers.

Learn to Copy

Most teachers use plagiarism checking software to be sure that their students are writing honest papers that they crafted themselves. Sadly, most students have no idea how to copy a paper without really copying it. There is a secret and once students learn the secret, they will continually earn good grades on their coursework papers.

Since many teachers assign the same coursework projects and essays each year, there are usually a plethora of previously written courseworks from older students. It is very bad practice to submit other students’ work as your own, so the secret is learning how to rewrite courseworks so you can claim them as your own without any hint of plagiarism.

The Secret

This the secret: you must learn how to rewrite a sentence. This means that you cannot use any phrases as they are or even simply reverse a few phrases. If you are going to use prewritten courseworks from older students, you must completely rewrite them sentence by sentence. This is a challenging task for many students because they do not have the patience to rewrite coursework sentence by sentence, but rewriting is quicker to do that crafting your own original coursework.

Stay Under the Radar

When rewriting a former student’s coursework, you must pay extra special attention to all of the phrases that could potentially show up in a plagiarism check. In today’s world, teachers are suspicious of everything and if they have any doubt, they will usually not rule in the student’s favor. Some teachers will make students rewrite courseworks in class to prove that they really did do the research and learn the material. If your paper casts any shadow of doubt, your teacher will keep a close, watchful eye on everything else that you do. It is better to remain under the radar when you are copying courseworks.

One of the tricks that helps students improve their chances of being successful copying other students’ courseworks is to copy some of your own papers sentence by sentence as practice. The most difficult rewrites are your own, because you are trying to adjust your own style and phrasing. Once you are able to do this, you will be able to copy others with ease.

Posted by July 7th, 2016