A List Of Interesting Discursive Essay Topics For You To Consider

It often appears that the fine art of persuasion is lost in these days of blogs and social media postings. Everyone seems to have a firm opinion they are willing to rage about. You are not entitled to excessive emotion when you are writing a discursive essay. You have to be very objective and either discuss both sides to the argument or take a position and persuade, rather than scream, at your readers. This type of assignment may seem to be a little bit of a challenge, but writing such an essay helps you develop the ability to present logical arguments. You also have the opportunity to improve on your research skills. The following are some essay topics you may think about as you decide how to this kind of a project.

  1. Is Sea World family entertainment or is it an abuse of aquatic mammals?
  2. Should the voting age be lowered to 16 years of age?
  3. Is assisted suicide good for society?
  4. The poor do not have money because they are lazy. Discuss.
  5. Social media is a threat to polite conversation. Demonstrate both sides of the argument.
  6. Racism will never go away, and legislation does nothing. Discuss.
  7. Is college still worth the time and money?
  8. Will bringing back the draft make young people more responsible?
  9. Is marriage still worthwhile?
  10. Can legislation bring an end to bullying? Discuss.
  11. Do children really need a father or a mother? Is having only one enough?
  12. Is there any value to homework?
  13. Is humanity basically good or selfish?
  14. Is it possible to end hunger without genetically altered food?

The topics themselves may be controversial and arouse any number of feelings within you. The essay, however, must rely on calm logic and persuasion. It helps if you do sufficient research into the topic, and have used the results of your investigation to help persuade the reader. This is not an opportunity to slander the other side. Discursive asks for you to be a bit more clinical. The benefit is the ability to persuade instead of threaten. You will additionally learn how to craft words properly, so that the tone of your words helps bring the reader to your point of view.

Logic and facts are very powerful means of explaining an issue. The assignment asks you to write a paper which is based on objectivity. With the proper amount of reasoning backed by sufficient research, you’ll do just fine.

Posted by July 7th, 2016