Top 10 most common high school essay topics

High School students have to write essays often. Especially in the digital age where information is so readily available, and class trips to the library are not necessarily required, teachers and organizations are relying more heavily on essays to highlight and assess student knowledge. The process of writing an essay not only helps to refine English skills, but also helps to solidify topic understanding in a variety of disciplines and subjects. Since it requires thinking critically, it can help in a variety of areas.

Though the access to information is like never before, the topics of High School essays have not changes much over the years. Every school is different, and every class requirement is different, but overall the trends in essay topics have stayed much the same.

Top 10 Most Common Essay Topics – High School

  1. The impact of higher education on overall professional success.
  2. How WWII shaped the American economy.
  3. How a specific author explained an important political or historical event.
  4. Why capitalism works/does not work.
  5. The impact of the recession on student employment.
  6. How planning ahead for college can make a student’s financial future brighter.
  7. The impact of a specific world leader on current economics.
  8. How fashion/music has changed over the decades.
  9. The impact of the vote for women in the United States.

There are many topics that can be easily, and effectively covered in a High School essay. The key is finding the topic that can meet the requirements of the school, class, and teacher most effectively.

Many topics that are most often covered can also be changed to incorporate more current information. For example, students can take a piece of classic literature and compare its predictions or place and time with the current time that they are living. Rather than the traditional review approach that highlights the time period it was written, this approach makes the piece more culturally relevant and interesting to those living in the more modern world.

The same can be said for current topics – taking the trends of today and applying them to past historical events is another way to make an “old” idea more interesting. With so many topics covered over and over, it is sometimes more effective to change the topic a little to make it a bit different. This can not only make it a more interesting read, but also a more interesting project for the writer.

Posted by July 7th, 2016