What Can Motivate A Student To Buy An Essay

The notion of purchasing an essay may be deemed unethical to some. Most assume that these services cater solely to the academically inept, or to those are too indolent and lazy to complete their academic coursework. This, however, is a misconception. There are many able-minded students who are both ambitious and diligent in the academic sphere of their lives. There are a variety of different factors that may compel a student to purchase an essay, and these factors will be closely examined in this article:

  • Personal emergency
  • Lack of time, busy schedule, too many commitments
  • Not a native speaker

Suppose an individual is faced with a personal emergency. Some students face a sudden illness or condition that completely incapacitates them. Others must travel back home to attend to a family emergency. Sometimes, the precarious events of life get in the way of academic performance. If, for instance, a student's surgical procedure falls on the same date as their term paper due date, this may represent a conflict. In situation like this (in which an extension is not possible), the student may benefit greatly from a purchased essay. A hired writer can help appease the stress associated with their personal challenges. When an individual is stricken with a family illness or tragedy, an essay assignment is the last priority on their mind.

If a student has undertaken far too many commitments, a 20 page research paper will seem unfeasible in their eyes. For example, when you consider the cumbersome brunt of a full time school schedule, paired with a full time work schedule and family life, the notion of an essay writing service seems pretty ingenious. When someone is attempting to balance a superhuman lifestyle replete with impossible demands, they may require some outside assistance. Professional essay writers are here to help such individuals.

Of course, non-native speakers of a particular language often feel compelled to purchase essays. For example, if an English speaking University imposes a highly complex assignment on a native Russian speaker, this may seem like an unattainable feat. International students often gravitate to these services because they lack the linguistic knowledge necessary to produce a well written piece of work in that particular language.

As you can see, essay writing services (which offer pre-written or custom written essays) are not designed for lazy students in search of an easy A. They are instead reserved for hard working people who need a little extra help on the side.

Posted by July 7th, 2016