Creating an outstanding finance research paper

Research paper writing is an extensive writing process in which students have to brief about a topic comprehensively. Research papers are written by following certain format and methodology. Research paper writing is declared as compulsory for graduation and higher level education. The purpose of research projects is to make students aware of research studies and how to gain an extensive grip over a single topic. Research paper writing is not a simple task. One has to be very focused and hard working. There are different formats for different subjects. The format that you have to follow in your research paper depends upon the department you belong to or the subjects you are studying as your major subject. If you are a student of economics or finance then in this article you are provided with a list of tips or points which you will find useful in writing your research paper.

  • Organization:
  • You must organize you research paper in a triangular style or news paper style. Write only useful information and exclude all other extraneous details.

  • Abstract:
  • The abstract of the research paper should not be very long. The word limit you are given must be fulfilled here. The introduction of your topic, sample, method and results are included in abstract. It lacks all other details.

  • Introduction:
  • Start your introduction after abstract writing. Introduction must be of three to four pages.

  • Literature Review:
  • Start writing the literature review with a bit of your own contribution. In literature review all you have to write about is to write about the previous researches that have been done on the same topic as yours or the topic similar to your topic. Be concise in writing literature review and do not forget to mention the citation.

  • Body of the Paper:
  • You will start the body of your research paper in this step. It contains the main results of your research work.

  • Theory:
  • You must mention and write about the theory that is supporting your research work. You have to write about the theory on the basis of which you are doing your research work.

  • Empirical Work:
  • You have to register all the empirical work that you have done during your research work but you have to start it with your main results and you must include only the focused information.

  • Conclusions:
  • It is a necessary step I the research work. Conclusion should be short and precise. It should be facts based rather than opinion based.

Posted by July 7th, 2016