Academic Writing Solutions: A Descriptive Vs. A Narrative Essay

If you want to write an essay this can be a pretty difficult if you don’t take in consideration a few things. There are multiple ways you can write an essay and there are many variable. If you are talking about a descriptive or a narrative essay, they are pretty much opposites so it will be pretty easy to distinguish between the two.

  • A descriptive essay. Is something in which you should describe everything. You should use the first person to write it, and you will have to have a rich imagination to do this properly. You can’t just say the car is old, you have to say the tires are flat, the rust it has etc. Describe everything in detail, and make sure that you don’t leave anything behind. Try to invoke feelings when you are writing this kind of a paper. Anything you can present happiness, anger, lust etc you have to present it as much as possible. Keep a subjective point of view and make sure you write things from your perspective, say how it made you feel and how you want to feel etc. Make sure you invoke a wide range of feelings, don’t just stop after a few ones. Once you have reached a point where you can do it, do it without a doubt. You will get an excellent descriptive essay if you describe everything in great detail and you make the person reading it feel the same emotions you are expressing in there as well.
  • A narrative essay. This is something you shouldn’t really put your “personal touch” on. A narrative essay, you basically tell everything that is happening in there from an objective point of view, so you don’t have to tell what you think about a certain aspect, you just have to present that aspect to the reader as much as possible. This should be written in the third person, it’s the best way you can remain objective about everything. Narrate is basically to tell the story, and the story teller never wants a “side to win” it just says what is happening and the characters will decide which one is the winner and which one is the loser, the narrator just watches everything and presents it in an appropriate manner to the viewer that can decide for himself which side he counts on.

Posted by July 7th, 2016