Writing Persuasive Speeches On Abortion

Abortion is a very sensitive, touchy topic to address in a persuasive speech. Tread very carefully on topics like this, when you have a live audience. As a writer, you may be writing but not necessarily delivering the speech. Even if it’s someone else who will be giving the speech, you as the writer need to take this sensitivity into consideration.

Know exactly what the stand is before you write

Before you do any researching and writing, know exactly which side of the fence the speech is supposed to address. The more details you can get about what needs to go into the speech, the more effective the speech writing will be.

The argument may not be as broad as “abortion: is it right or wrong”? It may have another tangent, such as “Under what circumstances, if any, should abortion be considered right?” There are many other side tangents that the topic can go off onto as well.

Know who the audience is that you are writing for

Knowing your audience and a little bit of their background or life history will help you choose your words wisely when writing the speech on abortion. For example, you would not use the same examples and style of speaking for addressing each of these types of audiences:

  • Primarily teenagers
  • Retired married couples
  • Mixed age and mixed gender audience
  • Families with young children
  • Business men in suits

Test some portions of your speech

Find some live volunteers from your circle of friends/co-workers/fellow students and read them a paragraph or two of the speech. Ask them for honest feedback. Use their comments, whether negative or positive, to your advantage in perfecting the speech as you progress into writing the entire thing.

Get the help from a professional persuasive speech writer

A persuasive speech isn’t just a delivery of facts or mundane information. It is designed to address a controversial issue, take a stand on it, and then supply evidence and examples to try and fortify your stand. In doing so, you attempt to persuade the listener to consider or even embrace your point of view.

There are expert writers online who have lots of experience writing persuasive speeches; even speeches on very sensitive issues such as abortion. You can get their advice and assistance for a small fee. You even have the option of hiring one of them to write your entire speech to your specifications.

Posted by July 7th, 2016