Taking a look into the criminal mind

Studying a criminal mind is more likely observing the lions in a zoo. You may gather all the information about the lion and study its eating and sleeping patterns but it will never be the same way in the zoo as it is in its natural habitat. A criminal similarly is not the same person during investigation and at the time of committing the crime. This is the very reason why psychologists have developed a systematic way of taking a look into criminal’s mind. This is called criminal profiling.

There are a few academic theories that have been developed on this topic. Criminology-the study of criminal behavior sheds light on criminal profiling and the steps involved in it. It is important to notice that the criminal must be treated in an unbiased manner, regardless of the crime he committed the researcher needs to stay objective because he has to consider the criminal his subject in his natural environment. Only this way will the researcher be able to understand the mindset of the criminal and why he performed certain act. Criminal profiling includes finding out the background of the criminal. The family history of the criminal meaning the occupation of his parents, financial conditions of the house, the number of siblings and order of the criminal in his siblings. The educational background of the criminal is also analyzed. These all are gathered and studied in order to develop a deep understanding of the criminal’s personality. The factors which forced a normal human in to a murderer or a thief are analyzed. It is argued that injustice breeds evil, whoever suffers from undeserved ill fate or injustice is more likely to retaliate against it. Some people realize it as destiny while others who are aggressive tend to take revenge for the bad doings done to them. It is not the same for everyone though. The selfishness of the person and violence involved can determine if the crime has been committed in a helpless situation or was it intended for causing suffering and pain to the other individual. It is however important to understand that the criminals are also humans and have all the right to be given a chance for justifying their acts and explaining their situations. Taking a look into the criminal mind is a systematic process and needs the researcher to be objective and thoughtful in his approach.

Posted by July 7th, 2016