Research paper hints: expository writing

For research papers that incorporate expository writing you choose your method in how you will come up with results for the paper. There are basic steps you follow that help you create your paper based on information you collect and the method of development for your topic. You may have specific guidelines you need to follow for your paper that should be reviewed beforehand. The following points are basic information to help understand how to go about expository writing.

  • Choose a good topic for your paper and next develop your thesis statement. This is the main idea of the paper but it should not be broad in nature.
  • Select your method of writing for your paper and be sure to review each option before making a final decision. Your options may include classification, definition, compare and contrast, and process analysis to name a few.
  • Organize your findings accordingly and consider using an outline to help you do this. This can help you place your findings in the appropriate section.
  • Each paragraph may need a topic sentence that helps relate the content to the main idea or thesis. The rest of the paragraph body should provide evidence to support or back up the main point.
  • Your introduction paragraph may include your thesis statement while introducing the audience to the main idea behind the research. This information may vary depending on which method of writing you use.
  • The conclusion should provide information to help bring the paper to a close. You should not mention any new information but the thesis may be restated here.
  • Upon completing research, complete a rough draft with information you have collected. Again, depending on the method you used you would proofread your completed draft and compare it against your guidelines.

Other Information about Expository Writing

There are writing samples available that detail this sort of writing. You can review the structure and layout for the paper to learn more about how to organize your content. In some cases you may need to choose a topic first in order to select a compatible method of development. Others may want to choose their method and then determine a potential topic. Following guidelines is important as each educational institution provides rules and standards regarding how specific writing assignments should be completed. Have your content edited by a professional if you have doubts about overall presentation.

Posted by July 7th, 2016