Interesting Topics To Write A Research Paper On

You want to know what makes an interesting topic, go to Google and search for bizarre, weird, strange, or even funny topics and see what comes back.  These are interesting topics that you can do you research paper on.  I know this is a little unorthodox doing some of the results that you get back but some are so interesting that it’s hard to not do one of them.  These are mostly topics that have not been done before and your teacher will applaud you for not doing a topic that they have not read before.

Interesting Topics For Your Research Paper

  • How to survive the zombie apocalypse?  This is a different research paper topic that you can do really good research on and figure out the best way to survive.
  • Stupid questions that people ask and why they do it?  We all know that one friend or person that always ask stupid questions but why do they do that.  Is it genetic or something else?
  • Has social media like Facebook made us more jealous of others?  Social media sites like Facebook has broken up marriages, friendships, and who knows what else but has this brought out the bad in us or is it a new way to find dirt on people and that’s why we are jealous?
  • JFK assassination conspiracy theories.  There are lists of conspiracy theories about the assassination of JFK, like the umbrella man.  This refers to a man that has been seen in multiple videos and photographs during the event but has been unidentified and some think that he might have had a connection to the assassination.  This topic does require more research but it is a fun topic to do.
  • Telekinesis, how to move things with your mind, real or fake?  Most have seen the movie Carrie, in which a teenage girl figures out that she has the power to do things with her mind and end ups kill everyone including her and her mother.  But is this really something we can do?
  • Questionable celebrity deaths and the theories behind them.  There are people out there that still believe that Andy Kaufman is still alive, also Elvis, and others that believe that Paul McCartney died years ago and was replaced with a look alike.  These are just a couple of the theories about celebrity deaths out there, I bet if you look online, you could find a list of different celebrity death conspiracies.

Posted by July 7th, 2016