Importance of a university degree

A person can get a university degree after finishing their education at a high school. The university degrees start from bachelors and students who wish to continue their studies may even get advanced degrees like masters, MPhil and PhD. There are a few students who proceed further and opt for a past doctorate. Different students have different reasons for pursuing higher education. Regardless of the field of study a university degree certainly is important getting a job and maintaining a better social standard.

The importance of a university degree should be asked from a person who cannot afford the expense of a university and is keen to learn. Students who are open to learning and want to add to their information continue the education at a university so that the can improve themselves and increase their intellectualism. It also helps in personal growth. The New York Times published an article on the relevancy of job market and an advanced degree. According to the article people who have acquired an advanced degree are more likely to get a job. Without a university degree all you can manage is a few internships and low paid part time jobs. For a reputable job in a good company it is important to have a strong qualification. The people who are going to hire you would want to know your worth by seeing your academic qualifications and degrees. Studies show that people who are qualified higher earn more than those who are not. An advanced degree holder earns 20 percent more than a graduate. Higher education also means better job positions. If you started working after high school and get a degree during your job the chances are that you will be promoted to a higher rank in the same company. The degree and level of education of a person is considered as a standard of his personality. People tend to rely more on an educated person than a less educated one. Even in an organization people with higher qualifications are thought highly of and their words are considered worthy.

Getting a university degree will not only improve your job situation and social status but it gives you a sense of pride as well. You will feel more valued and knowledgeable. The time spent at the university will be the quality time you will remember for the rest of your life.

Posted by July 7th, 2016