Writing a Paper on a Movie: a List of Life of Pi Essay Topics

The Life of Pi is a novel by Yann Martel, and is considered by many critics as one of the better novels to come out in the last few decades. This novel has been studied in the literature as well as in many American high schools, and it asks many questions about religion, life, philosophy, and reaching adulthood. It has been very influential, even spawning a movie. The movie has also been hailed by critics, and certainly is something worthy of analysis. Given that many students watch this film and are asked to write papers on it, there are many topics that are worthy of consideration. Some of them are as follows.

  1. Life of Pi has a lot to say about religion. The main character is interested in Islam, Christianity, and Hinduism, and has an interest in religion throughout the film. This of course shapes him and, to some extent, his worldview. Since this is so integral to his character, this should be addressed. What role does religion play in the story, and how is Patel’s view of this situation molded by his religious views?
  2. This movie also plays with the notion of fiction, Meta reality, and the art of storytelling. To what extent is Patel trustworthy, and what parts of the movie are so-called “real?” Is this even important, and does the concept of what Patel is talking about change really on what facts of the story he tells are fiction, and which ones actually happened to him. In addition, since we know he made up some details, is there any other part of his account that we should be untrustworthy of?
  3. There have been various notions that this movie bares at least a passing resemblance to the works of Bill Watterson, specifically Calvin and Hobbes. What kind of cultural correlations can be drawn between these two works, and what kind of themes do they explore?
  4. Obviously, the tiger is a big part of the story. There are also other animals with him on the boat initially. What does each animal represent, and why does Patel choose to represent them in the way that he did? The Tiger has meaning to him, and you should explore this. Why do you think a tiger was chosen, and what is important about the relationship between him and the tiger. Why do you think this relationship is the one that developed?

Posted by July 7th, 2016