5 Interesting Essay Topics for High School Students

Writing a high school essay can be a challenge for students in terms of crafting a high quality essay that demonstrates a student’s writing abilities. Sometimes we overlook one of the toughest steps in writing an essay: actually selecting an interesting and appropriate topic for a high school audience.

If you find yourself struggling with choosing an interesting essay topic, here are five ideas to get your creative mind going:

  1. Imagine that one of your high school teachers wants to teach a new subject outside of his or expertise. Your teacher will ask students for suggestions and then leave it up to them to vote. What subject do you think your class would choose? Write an essay to support your claim and to persuade your classmates to vote for your choice.
  2. In a very creative exercise, imagine you woke up one day and there were no rules. No one forcing you to go to school or work. People could instantly do whatever it is they wanted. Explain what your city would be like. How about your state? The country? The world? Use your imagination but think of all the establishments that would no longer have the power to control a society.
  3. Consider the penal system in your state and how it compares to other states’ systems. Do you think the death penalty is an effective punishment? And how so? Does it deter crimes that legally warrant this penalty or is it in place for another reason entirely? If you can change aspects of the punishment nationally what would those changes be?
  4. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers? Just as your grade and academic success depends on a number of factors within a class (e.g., participation, comprehension, test scores, etc.), should teachers be graded on a number of areas by the students they teach? How would the educational system in your school change if this was made possible?
  5. Should government entities—federal, state or county—place taxes on junk food and fatty snacks? Consider the cost of healthcare as well as the risk thousands of Americans are in because of unhealthy diets. Would imposing a tax change behavior? How should the money raised through these taxes be used?

There are hundreds more topics that you could choose from. The idea is that you should explore topics by asking more and more questions. Eventually, you’ll find something that interests you and can be the starting point to a great high school essay.

Posted by July 7th, 2016