Essay Writing Prompts: Using Online Sources

Online sources are indeed useful when writing your research essay. Online sources are valuable resources for finding pertinent information for writing your essay.

The Validity of Your Research

We all know that anybody can put anything out on the internet. One of the first things you want to do is determine what information it is that you are looking for and when researching your topic be able to determine which information is accurate and which is not. In order to successfully do this, first decide what your topic will be. Then you want to seek out official websites that are established and specialize in your subject matter. Many people elect to start with Wikipedia. Wikipedia will offer you sources about your main topic. You should visit the websites of these official sources for your continued research and not be dependent upon the Wikipedia content itself. Many times the content directly shared on Wikipedia is not completely accurate but the sources presented within the article are valid. Library sites also offer abundant sources for topics in the form of ebooks and other writing content. Also take a peek at well-known companies that are linked to your subject matter and view their company information page, their employee bios, their company history and any other information that you may find available on their site that references your topic. Typically established companies provide impressive historical information on their sites that can be extremely reliable when writing an essay or research document. Researching can be very challenging but fun at the same time. If you are comfortable with your own research skills and are capable of sorting through the abundant sources the internet offers, then researching your essay topic can be both successful and rewarding for the writer.

How to Research

Once you have selected your topic and have determined the official websites you want to use for your research you should then put your focus on developing key words or phrases that relate to your topic. Within every website there exists abundant information so in order to retrieve only the information we are interested in we can use search words or phrases to pinpoint that content. The use of search words and phrases minimizes the amount of time that will be spent researching by pinpointing our thoughts and limiting the information that will be retrieved through our search.

Posted by July 7th, 2016