How I write an essay - sharing experience

There is a lot to be said for writing an essay in sharing the experience with others. So often writing is a solo activity. When it comes to homework or assignments in high school or college, the student is often working alone. It's the nature of the beast. But it need not be the case. Usually the writing is done alone but certainly the sharing of the writing can be a shared experience.

How does it work?

Well there are basically two ways you can tackle this topic. You can write the work by yourself and then share it with others or, alternatively, you can work with another student on the writing process from the beginning.

Once you have written your essay and particularly if you are friends with another student who has done their essay, the two of you can get together and each read the other’s work. It doesn't have to be just two students it could be even three or four. The idea is that the other student or students give you feedback. They tell you what they think of your topic, your thesis statement and how you have tackled the essay. This is good for your benefit because you get valuable feedback and is also good for your thinking process as you have to return the favour by reading or listening to your friend’s essay and give them feedback.

If you decide to work together on an essay, you would need to be sure that you are reasonably compatible. One way you can certainly work together in a sharing experience is to get yourself involved in some brainstorming. As you're both working on the same topic or theme, doing some brainstorming together can certainly help one another.

Methodology can also be a learning experience

When you share your essay writing experience with another student or students, it's not just the finished product which is open for discussion but rather the methodology or way you went about writing that essay; how you went about your research and the creation of your outline. All of these things can be discussed in a full and frank manner and a serious benefit is that you can learn new ways to go about the creation of an essay.

Sharing has the added benefit that it is free and so easy to arrange. In person is good or even via Skype can work well if you are not in close proximity with one another.

Posted by July 7th, 2016