Can peers help me with my homework successfully?

Peers are often your best bet when it comes to help with a homework assignment, essay, or research project. While there are other options for gaining cheap and reliable help at, those who are in the same position as you are can offer a unique perspective – and they are easier to come by.

Also, exchanging your help in return can benefit you further in your academic career as it gives you the chance to review the work and responses of another person whose perspective may be completely different. Helping others is the best, and fastest, way to build a better understanding of your own skills and weaknesses.

How to Get Help from a Peer

There are many ways to get in touch with peers for homework and assignment review. Though some are more obvious, others may not be. Consider each approach as a way you can reach out to students that are in your same program – and maybe find a program partner that you can meet with time and again for necessary review and study help.

  • Ask your professor: If you’re unsure who to ask, your professor can be a good place to start. Because your professor knows the strengths and weaknesses present in the class, they can often suggest a good partner that can help – and one who may need your help as well.
  • Ask your desk-mate: The most obvious place to start is with the person next to you. Asking fellow students who might be available for a study session or review help is the most efficient way to find those who have a similar schedule and are willing to meet for review.
  • Visit the tutor center: Most schools have a tutoring center where students who excel at certain areas of study offer their time helping others. If you need help, visiting the tutor center can help you narrow down what kind of help you need – and connect you with someone who excels in that area.
  • Ask the department: You can also ask your department contact if they have a list of students who are looking for study partners. For larger projects, there are often lists of students who need help and are looking to help in return.

Making the connection is the hardest part of finding successful homework help from peers. Once you have found someone that you can study and review with, the process gets much easier and will benefit you both throughout the school year. Consider also meeting in a larger group so that you get multiple points of view on a given subject.

Posted by July 22nd, 2021