Unique Research Paper Writing Ideas

When writing a research paper, sometimes it’s never too great to write a ‘boring’ paper by writing about either a generic topic or something that’s been written about countless times. If your research paper is about something more unique or exclusive, not only will you attract more attention to your paper, but you’ll probably have more fun writing about it as well. Here are five unique ideas to aid you in coming up with a topic for your next research paper:

Why do we dream?

This topic alone is sure to generate lots of interest surrounding your research paper. You can talk about your own personal dreams you remember and whether or not any of those dreams related to anything in your real life. You can discuss the different theories of what dreams are and what causes them, the different kinds of dreams, and the many past experiments conducted on dreams.

Violence and Video Games

Do violent video games cause even the nicest of kids into violent criminals? Is there any relation at all? Not only will gamers be attracted to this topic and will like to listen to what you have to say, but you’ll get to dig deep into psychology, the evolution of video games, and past legal challenges in this area. Plus, if you’re a gamer yourself, you might already be passionate about this topic anyway.

Filmmaking/True Hollywood Success Stories

You can write about what really goes on behind the scenes, and that it’s really more than just “Lights! Camera! Action!” Of course you’ll have to be a little more specific, so why not write about a true Hollywood success story? In the process of telling the story of how a nobody living on the streets became the hottest director, producer or star in town, you can parallel that with what it really takes to the years of getting just one movie in Hollywood made and to the big screen.

The Roman Empire and the United States of America

Compare the differences (and similarities) of the Roman Empire with the United States. Are there important parallels? What can we learn from the Romans? Or are we really not that similar after all?

What’s a black hole?

Space has always fascinated human imagination, and what you can talk about is infinite like space itself. But what more intriguing thing can there possibly be about space than black holes? Or are there more intriguing things in space than black holes? Research it and find out!

Posted by July 7th, 2016