How to Find Unusual Essay Topics

To stand out from the crowd, a writer needs to choose an environmental science essay that has an unusual topic. An unusual topic gets the writer noticed and the paper is not the same as the other students’. The professor is not reading the same paper over and over again, which bores him to death. Professors take note of essays of a different topic and, most of the time, are more interested in reading the entire paper. A professor who read the entire paper may be more likely to give the student a better grade.

One way to choose an unusual topic is pick something you have experienced and relate it to the environment. An example would be conservation. A visit to a national park or forest can be a great topic for conservation in environmental science. With personal experience intertwined, the reader will feel connected to you and become more engaged.

Another way to choose an unusual topic is choose something you would like to know more about. Many topics are out there on environmental science and nobody knows everything about all of them. Find something that interests you and do research on it. By being interested in it, the passion is shown through the writing, making the essay more readable.

Environmental science is in the news, choose a hot topic and pick the opposite side. That is, play devil’s advocate. Playing devil’s advocate brings issues to light in a way people have never thought of before. Maybe it will change people’s mind, or even your mind. Or it will confirm their belief that something should be done about a certain topic.

Compare and contrast the history and present of environmental science. Think about where environmental science was 100 years ago and compare it to where it is today. There are many topics to choose from in this area. Pick one area of environmental science and go with it. Readers will be interested in the changes throughout the years.

If nothing else comes to mind there is always a Google search. Google “unusual environmental science topics.” Many topics come up that are relevant to today’s environmental issues. This search also brings up many essays. Go through them and something may spark a topic. It will also show what has already been written numerous times. Those topics would be good to stay away from.

Choosing and unusual topic for an environmental science essay is important for both writer and reader. There are many ways to find an unusual topic, whether it is from a personal standpoint, hot news topic, or a search engine. Something is out there just waiting to spark creativity.

Posted by July 7th, 2016